How to choose the correct cricket bat size

How to Choose the Correct Cricket Bat Size

Choosing the correct cricket bat size is one of the most important things to consider when selecting your cricket bat. The correct cricket bat size lets you feel comfortable at the crease, allows you to play your natural game, score more runs and boost your performance out in the middle.

Pro Tip

For a rough and ready guide, stand the bat next to your leg as shown in the illustration below. If the top of the handle rests just below the level your hipbone, you’re on the right track for size.

How to choose the correct cricket bat size
How to choose the correct cricket bat size

Cricket bat sizes range from 1 (smallest) through to 6 (largest) in junior sizes. The Harrow size is designed for those in the transitional phase between junior and senior bat sizes. In the senior size range, bats are available in short handle (SH) and long handle (LH) configurations. It’s worth noting that some manufacturers do offer an Academy size for players between the Harrow and short handle size ranges.

Size generally refers to the length of the bat and should be in proportion to your height. Use the table below to determine the correct bat size based on your height. The table will also give you a good idea of when it might be time to think about upsizing your bat as you grow.

Guide to the Correct Cricket Bat Size

How to choose the correct cricket bat size table

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