How to choose the correct cricket bat weight

How to Choose the Correct Cricket Bat Weight

When thinking about ideal cricket bat weight, each batsman needs to consider the trade off between power and manoeuvrability.

That is, as the weight of the bat goes up, so too does the power behind each shot. However as the bat becomes heavier, the batsman becomes more restricted in terms of the shots they are able to play.

Pro Tip

A quick way to test the weight of a bat is to lift it with your non-dominant hand in front of you until the bat is in a horizontal position.

Return the bat to the ground until vertical. If you can repeat this 10 times comfortably, the bat should be fine to use in a competitive situation.

How to choose the correct cricket bat weight
How to choose the correct cricket bat weight

For a more precise way to think about deciding on the correct cricket bat weight, you need to consider two key factor:

1 Style of Play

Are you an opening batsman or heavy hitter down the order? Your natural playing style should be complemented by your bat to bring out your best performance. If you are a batsman that likes to work the ball around and has to move quickly against fast opening bowlers, at bat at the lighter end of the range will be more suitable.

And alternatively if your style is to score quickly and pound boundaries, you need to be looking for a heavier, more powerful bat that will be at the heavier end of the range. Check out our article on style of play for more info.

2 Game Format

Game format also has a bearing on your decision about cricket bat weight. For shorter format games like T20 when rapid run scoring is required, a heavier, more powerful bat makes sense. Conversely, lighter bats are better suited to longer games when batsmen are expected to spend longer at the crease and fatigue becomes more of a factor. For more info, check out our article on game formats.

Guide to the Correct Cricket Bat Weight

How to Choose the Correct Cricket Bat Weight Table

For a final word on bat weight, you must be confident with your selection that the bat doesn’t prevent you from making the shots that you naturally play and doesn’t change your technique. It is also worth testing different bat weights as you are growing and getting stronger to make sure you aren’t giving up power by playing with a bat that is too light.

For other important factors to consider when choosing a cricket bat, check out The Ultimate Cricket Bat Selection Guide.

The Ultimate Cricket Bat Selection Guide by Trophi Cricket

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