Cricket Pitch Style Affects Bat Selection

How Cricket Pitch Style Affects Your Bat Selection

You need to consider a number of factors when selecting your cricket bat. But did you know that matching the type of cricket bat you use to the style of cricket pitch you play on can boost your performance?

The style of cricket pitch you play on affects the bounce of the ball. This dictates the types of shots you play more often and even how you play them. So you need to select a cricket bat that is set up to play these common shots well.


Cricket Pitch Style Affects Bat Selection
The style of cricket pitch affects the variation in bounce of the ball and should be considered when selecting your cricket bat.


Soft Cricket Pitches

Turf cricket pitches are typically softer. Particularly those played on by lower age groups because ground staff tend to roll the pitch less frequently. These pitches produce less bounce and balls reach the batsman at lower heights. Dusty cricket pitches of the sub-continent tend to behave the same way. It is best to play driving shots against lower bouncing deliveries and your bat selection should complement this. So cricket bats with a lower bow (lower sweet spot) and the balance of weight towards the bottom of the bat are best suited for use on softer grass pitches.

Hard Cricket Pitches

At the other end of the scale, hard turf pitches and synthetic pitches produce higher bounce. And the majority of deliveries pass the batsman above mid-thigh height. So if you predominately play on a cricket pitch like this, a bat with a higher bow (higher sweet spot) with faster pick-up is more suitable. This type of cricket bat improves your ability to play back foot drives and cross bat shots which you will play more frequently.

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