ICC to Review Cricket Bat Size Laws

ICC to Review Cricket Bat Size Laws

The International Cricket Council has announced they will review cricket bat size laws. The view will be to place restrictions on bat sizes as they aim to address the growing imbalance between bat and ball.

ICC chief executive David Richardson said the size of modern bats has shifted the balance in favour of batsmen and said the game’s law makers would consider making a change.

Current Laws

Currently cricket bat size laws only limit the width of the bat to 108 mm (4.25 inches) and the length to 38 inches. “The balance may have shifted a little bit too much because sometimes poor shots or mis-hits are going for six,” Richardson told ESPN Cricinfo.

ICC to Review Cricket Bat Size Laws
Currently the Laws of Cricket contained in Appendix E specify maximums for height and width dimensions, but not depth.

 New Report Identifies Trend

A report released in 2015 found that the length and width of bats has remained steady over the years. However both the thickness of the blade and the size of the ‘sweet spot’ have increased dramatically. The report, commissioned by the MCC, cricket’s official law makers, found that bat thickness has increased up to 22 mm over the past century and the size of the ‘sweet spot’ on the face of the bat is almost two-and-a-half times larger.

The thickness of edges in modern bats has also increased by almost 300 per cent. When combined with greater stiffness to limit vibrations, it means mis-hits can travel much further.

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